Just four months after the amicable merger of AAY and PAC to form PAC-UK, we are thrilled to be able to introduce in the Leeds region a substantial programme of training courses for adopters, permanent carers and professionals.

Upcoming trainings in Leeds include the following:

A full list of Leeds-based courses can be found at www.pac-uk.org/training/.

PAC-UK's Leeds training programme is based on the successful training service already offered in the south. The first Leeds-based public seminar, ‘Living with an Angry Child’ facilitated by Holly van Gulden, a remarkable speaker and trainer from the US who has close ties with PAC-UK, took place in November 2014 with 43 participants. Comments included:

  • “Fantastic! Wish I could have recorded it so my husband could hear it all too!”
  • “Would be useful to provide this training to all adoptive parents pre-placement”
  • “I found this training of Holly’s presentation very emotional which is not what I expected! I will be ordering some of Holly’s books from Amazon, checking YouTube for videos”
  • “Reassuring that Holly has made mistakes and still managed to pull it back and support her children to adulthood”

PAC-UK was formed on 1 October 2014 following an amicable merger between independent adoption support agencies AAY in the north and PAC in the south.  PAC-UK's vision is for a society where children, young people and adults affected by adoption and permanence arrangements can live their lives to the full.