Commissioned Training

The topics listed below are examples of trainings and workshops that we can deliver. If there are other topics you are interested in, please let us know.

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The length of any one training can vary (1.5 to 6 hours). Most of our trainings will be taking place online, though we would consider delivering face-to-face.

Trainings may be delivered for various participants: adoptive parents, special guardians, adopted adults, birth parents, professionals, as well as for a combination of participants.

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Correct as at 25 February 2021.

  • Talking to children about adoption - at different stages of their development (0 - 18)
  • Life story work with primary school aged children
  • Life story work with secondary school aged children
  • Life story work - using play therapeutic methods
  • Life story work - using story books

  • Understanding developmental trauma and how it differs from PTSD
  • Developmental trauma: translation into practice
  • Attachment and Trauma in children with experiences of early trauma and/or adoption
  • Supporting sensory processing in previously traumatised children

  • Enhancing Adoptive Parenting
  • Parenting children who have been sexually abused
  • Using NVR (Non-Violent Resistance) to address Child-to-Parent violence

  • Assessing emotional capacity in prospective and/or current adopters
  • Addressing attachment, loss and trauma in prospective/current adopters

  • Introducing an adopted sibling to a family with an adopted child
  • Introducing an adopted sibling to a family with a birth child
  • Assessing siblings’ placement needs

  • The adopted child in school
  • The previously relationally traumatised child in school

  • Supporting birth mothers with adoption related challenges
  • Supporting adopted adults with adoption related challenges
  • Attachment styles and challenges in adults
  • Intermediary and reunion work with adopted adults and their birth relatives

Commissioned training fees

All fees listed below exclude the costs involved in face-to-face delivery, such as venue hire, catering, trainer’s travel costs and accommodation, photocopying and rental of training materials/equipment.

Duration and
number of trainers
Commissioned training
fees (excl. VAT)
Commissioned bespoke
training f
ees (excl. VAT)
Full day – one trainer £990 £1,680
Half day – one trainer £630 £1,090

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