Services for Adopters, Prospective Adopters and other Permanent Carers

PAC-UK offers a wide range of services to adopters and permanent carers throughout the country, as well as those thinking of adopting. You may access PAC-UK’s services directly or via your local authority. PAC-UK has 38 subscribing local authorities, enabling access to some of our services at reduced rates. All of our services are eligible for purchase using your individual Adoption Support Fund, regardless of the local authority that you live in.

iStock_000023258995_DoubleWe believe adoption is a journey and each adoptive family will have different levels of need at different points on that journey. The services listed below are designed to be used flexibly by the adoptive/permanent placement family when difficulties arise. Our Adult Counselling Service helps adopted people once they are older and require individual support and advice.

We employ ONLY fully qualified and experienced psychologists and counsellors to deliver our core services. Volunteers may sometimes be used for peer mentoring or searching.

Prospective adopters

If you are thinking about adoption, working towards it, or waiting for a match, PAC-UK can offer support through:

Post placement

Adoptive parents and other permanent carers can access an extensive menu of support covering all their needs:

  • Contact PAC-UK’s specialist counsellors on our Advice Line for information or advice, and to be referred for further services
  • A parent/couple consultation or assessment may help clarify your needs (please contact us for more information)
  • Enhancing Adoptive Parenting Programme. A unique ten session programme within your own home (delivered either face-to-face or by Skype) to help adoptive parents build understanding and parenting skills
  • If you are concerned about your child at school, contact PAC-UK’s Education Service on our Education Advice Line
  • PAC-UK’s Child and Family Service offers intensive family therapy aiming to improve attachment and increase stability of the placement. This service is available to families with children of any age, including those who are over 18
  • PAC-UK's Peer Services are delivered by Parent Consultants (PCs), all of whom are adoptive parents themselves, are fully trained and experienced in working with families facing the challenge of parenting children with complex behaviours
  • PAC-UK hosts a range of support groups, some are for Adoptive Parents (all groups are informal, confidential and free of charge)
  • PAC-UK’s Training Service offers courses and workshops specifically for adopters and you may also be interested in attending our public seminars
  • PAC-UK’s Intermediary Service is available to help adopted adults and birth families re- establish contact
  • Life story work can be undertaken by a specialist counsellor (please contact us for more information)