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The adopted child in school - via Zoom

Price: £139.20

Date: May 19, 2021

Schoolboy Writing in Notebook

A child with a history of trauma, loss and attachment difficulties may find many school tasks and the whole school environment challenging and confusing. It can be difficult for professionals in schools, and elsewhere, to appreciate the impact that traumatic early experiences, as well as  the transitions from a birth family to one or more foster families and then to an adoptive family, may have on the child’s overall development.  The last year has presented further challenges due to the pandemic and the subsequent series of school closures and –re-openings; the latter have left some children with additional anxieties around school, as well as a lack of progress in cognitive and social skills.

This workshop is a MUST if you want to understand the needs within a school setting of children who have experienced early trauma, including Looked After and Adopted children. Helen McConnell will use her experience of working in schools as a teacher,  as well as her experience in the field of adoption and other forms of permanency to include many practical strategies that will help you respond to these children’s needs.

Availability: Spaces remaining.

Parenting with PACE - via Zoom

Price: £248.40

Date: June 8, 2021

Playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy are the cornerstones for helping nurture a closer relationship with your child: this approach to parenting is called PACE.

This public seminar for parents and professionals, presented by Lynne Davis, is a MUST ATTEND workshop for all parents and carers who would like to develop a deeper relationship with their child, and for all professionals who support parents and carers regarding the parenting of their child.

Availability: Spaces remaining.

Introduction to non-violent resistance (NVR) parenting - via Zoom

Price: £117.60

Date: June 15, 2021

Child-to-Parent Violence is now recognised as a real risk factor in foster families, adoptive families and other permanent placements. NVR is a parenting approached based on the political position of great figures who took it upon themselves to bring about much needed change, without getting caught up in the conflict, nor allowing themselves to be dis-empowered.

Many children and young people coming from a background of complex trauma present with challenging, destructive and violent behaviours. This training will help you gain an understanding of the how the NVR approach can help these children and their parents, in order to support the families you are working with, and/or to make better informed recommendations re therapeutic interventions for the families you are supporting.  


Availability: Spaces remaining.

Tricky transitions: coping with change at school - via Zoom

Price: £139.20

Date: July 14, 2021

For adopted and permanently placed children, transitions can be a trigger and can significantly impact on anxieties and difficulties. This has very possibly had more significant dimensions in this unprecedented school year due to the Pandemic. This training aims to develop your understanding of the specific impact that transitions can have on permanently placed children and learn about strategies that can support children. It will include “good hello’s”: working to get it right from the start, and “good goodbyes”: helping children leave their previous school or setting. It will also include addressing the possible heightened sensitivities to transitions due to recent pandemic and the effect this has had on children’s life at school.

Availability: Spaces remaining.

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