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Becoming an Adoption-Friendly School

Based on research conducted by PAC-UK, this guide will show school leaders how to develop their adoption-friendly policies and practice, with photocopiable and printable resources. Identifying eight key areas for improvement such as staff training and communication with families, it is applicable to all school settings.

Purchase of the book provides access to an online toolkit, a bank of resources, templates and policies to help schools on the way. The book’s launch took place on 15 May 2017 at the Royal Society of Medicine.

The book can be purchased via Amazon here. For bulk orders please contact

Becoming an Adoption-Friendly School will also be available to schools as a six day course, spread across the school year, from September 2017. The course will run in London and Leeds.

Enquires about the book, toolkit and course can be directed to

A Good Practice Guide for Schools

A Good Practice Guide for Schools clearly explains how attachment difficulties, trauma and loss affect children and young people’s learning, behaviour and social and emotional development. It provides practical, evidence-informed strategies to help enhance the practice of all those working to support and include traumatised children and young people in school.

Published in 2013, our Good Practice Guide for Schools has sold over 4,000 copies.

A Good Practice Guide for Schools - Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Children who are Looked After, Fostered, Adopted or otherwise Permanently Placed costs £10 for one copy and £7.50 each for multiple copies. PAC-UK is a charity and a donation towards the cost of postage and packing would be appreciated.

A Good Practice Guide for Schools

The flyer for the guide is here. For bulk orders and further enquiries please contact

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