PAC-UK is delighted to have been rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted following its most recent inspection in December 2017. Outstanding is the highest possible rating granted by Ofsted. Being rated as ‘outstanding’ is a measure of the high quality of the services offered by PAC-UK.

Ofsted, whose role is to inspect, regulate and scrutinise services provided by all adoption support agencies (and many other social care and educational provisions) awarded PAC-UK outstanding status in all areas:

PAC-UK's 2017 'outstanding' Ofsted rating makes it three in row after 'outstanding' ratings in 2015 and 2011!

Overall experience and progress of service users
Ofsted rating - outstanding

How well children, young people and adults are helped and protected
Ofsted rating - outstanding

The effectiveness of leaders and managers
Ofsted rating - outstanding

Some excerpts from the full report, which can be downloaded here or from the Ofsted website, are listed below:

Key findings from the inspection

The adoption support agency is outstanding because:

The services provided enable children and young people to make exceptional progress. Their health, educational and emotional needs are met. Services often prevent family breakdown, supporting stable and secure families. The work with adult service users is exceptional. Staff are skilled, passionate and committed to improving the lives of children, adult service users and families. The agency runs the AT-ID group (adopted teens identity group), which is a fantastic initiative and represents young people’s voices at the highest level. Safeguarding is at the centre of practice.

Inspection judgement

Overall experiences and progress of service users: outstanding

The support offered has a profound and positive impact on service users’ lives. A special guardian said, ‘It is helping us to understand the children, and them to understand that people love and want to help them.’ One adopted adult said, ‘I feel like I’ve found some identity, something has changed, there is no longer a big question hanging over me.’ The offer of support in CPV is tailored to the needs of children and families… the work helps them to reflect on their children’s early experiences, and gives them strategies and ideas without being directive or judgemental.

The agency is also leading excellent work on the educational needs of children who are adopted… This work is helping children to improve their behaviour in school, reduce violence and aggression and promote self-regulation. The enthusiasm and skill of the workers, coupled with the benefits of the project work that the young people are involved in, are examples of outstanding practice… One young person said, ‘It’s been life changing, like a family, it’s given me a new lease of life.’

The staff’s commitment, knowledge, motivation and support are excellent. The adopted parents whose children were receiving therapy report dramatic improvements in their understanding of their children’s needs. This is helping them to manage and support their children and improve family stability. Adopted parents said of this (Parent Consultant) service, ‘Hugely helpful, she knows what she is talking about, I feel I’m talking to someone who understands my perspective.’

The adoption support agency provides highly effective services that consistently exceed the standards of good. The actions of the adoption support agency contribute to significantly improved outcomes and positive experiences for service users.Christine Kennet, Ofsted Social Care Inspector

How well children, young people and adults are helped and protected: outstanding

The agency offers a safe service for all those involved with or using its services. All staff have a clear understanding of both child and parent safety through child on parent violence work. The agency uses rigorous recruitment procedures to help to ensure that all staff are safely recruited and competent to work with vulnerable adults, children and young people.

The effectiveness of leaders and managers: outstanding

Leaders and managers are committed, passionate and forward thinking, and have enabled the agency to provide excellent adoption support services during a challenging time for adoption work. All staff show exceptional commitment to their role and work well together as a team. One staff member said, ‘What is wonderful here is it is a place where everyone is working in the same direction.’ Excellent administrative processes support efficient services which are well planned with service users.

Receiving a third consecutive rating of ‘outstanding’ is down to our skilled, committed staff who passionately believe in adoption and do their best to improve the lives of both children and adults; all those affected by adoption. PAC-UK will continue to develop and adapt our high quality services to meet need.Jan Slater, PAC-UK Director of Service Delivery