Education Resources

PAC-UK's Education Service have developed a range of resources to support families, schools and local authorities in meeting the educational needs of adopted and special guardianship children.

A Good Practice Guide for Schools

Published in 2013, our Good Practice Guide for Schools has sold over 4,000 copies.

A Good Practice Guide for Schools - Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Children who are Looked After, Fostered, Adopted or otherwise Permanently Placed costs £10 for one copy and £7.50 each for multiple copies. PAC-UK is a charity and a donation towards the cost of postage and packing would be appreciated.

A Good Practice Guide for Schools

The flyer for the guide is here. For bulk orders and further enquiries please contact

Pupil Premium Plus Guide

This is a handy guide for schools and families on effective use of the Pupil Premium Plus.

All about Schools

Our booklet for adoptive parents and special guardians explains educational processes and school systems, for those who may not have recent experience of the education system.

Key Questions for Schools

Adoptive parents and special guardians often tell us that they would like help in identifying the most suitable school to meet their children’s needs. In consultations with families, we have identified some key questions to ask schools when you visit them.

Me & My World

Included in the appendix of the Good Practice Guide for Schools, this document provides a framework for adoptive families, children and young people to share important information about the child’s strengths, needs, triggers and support preferences.

Goodbyes & Transitions

We are often asked about activities and resources to help children say goodbye at key transition points. We have put together some suggestions, which you can view here.


We have compiled a list of suggested reading about adopted children’s educational needs for schools, families, education and social care professionals. You can download this here.

Adoption UK Education Resources

This page includes a range of resources and training designed to make education a successful environment for children who have suffered early trauma, neglect or abuse.