The ‘Survival Without Roots’ memoir trilogy portrays the melting pot of emotions experienced by many adoptees associated with their lack of identity, as they spend a lifetime wondering … 'Is there anyone out there who looks like me, talks like me and thinks like me?'

Survival Without Roots - Memoir of an Adopted Englishwoman by Anna Anderson

As an adoptee, a birth mother and an adoptive parent, Anna Anderson tells her story with compassion, humility and grace arising from her first-hand experience of all ‘three faces’ of adoption.

Book One is set in the ‘50s and ‘60s and captures her first eighteen years after being adopted as a baby and transported to a new life in a North Yorkshire market town.

What follows is the manipulation and molding of a child's personality. Anna grows up as an only child and an ‘imperfect fit’ for the ‘Mum’ who raised her.

She is engulfed by constant criticism, control and complete withdrawal of love. Perfection is paramount in her Mum's eyes and displaying emotions is forbidden. Join her as she careers along the rocky road of life choices towards devastating consequences that could affect her life forever.

Will she survive her upbringing and the grief and loss encountered along the way?

A story of family conflict, resilience and determination.

Anna Anderson | November 2022

'Survival Without Roots - Memoir of an Adopted Englishwoman' by Anna Anderson can be purchased via Anna's website here and on Amazon here.