This month's PAC-UK guest blog is a poem to 'J' from birth mum Jenny. PAC UK has been supporting Jenny, whose three children have been adopted. Jenny accessed support from our First Family Service in 2020. During this time, Jenny started writing poems about her experiences. A huge thank you from all at PAC-UK to Jenny for writing this guest blog.

This poem for J was the first one I wrote. Since then I can’t stop. It’s challenging me. It’s putting my emotions out of my head, which I’ve never been able to do. I used to love English and poetry. My step-dad used to write kids poems but I forgot all about it. I would suggest to anyone that is struggling that writing helps. I find comfort in writing and music, and I hope that you can find some comfort in my poems. My little man’s poem is because I watched my tiny son fight for the first year of his life and all the time he did with a smile. I am in awe of my son’s strength and bravery. Well done J. He has given me the strength to fight my own health conditions.


For J

J, mummy’s little man
The day we met my life began
You made me want to be the best I can
I love you dearly, your number 1 fan

You shine so bright, just like the sun
I’m so lucky you are my son
You are the cutest baby I’ve ever seen
You are my Prince and me your Queen

You were so cuddly right from the start
You filled full of love mummy’s broken heart

This time I tried so very hard
To keep us together and your heart unscarred
Even though now we are far apart
In years to come we can have a fresh start

You are my little bundle of joy
I was sure I would see you grow from baby to boy

When you smile you light up the room
Our little family ended too soon
The pain of losing you is too much to bare
It shows me how life can be unfair

Don’t be mad or go through life sad
Hold your head up high my little lad
You will be part of a family, my shining star
The type you deserve and that will take you far

Always remember your mum loves you
And you were wanted through and through

So goodbye for now my little man
Always be the best you can

So this is my poem, from mother to son
To show my J his mummy loves him a ton

Jenny | August 2020

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