Every year we welcome a host of volunteers who take part in sporting events across the country to raise money for PAC-UK. This year we are pleased to introduce our team of runners; Dr Tom White, David Beadle and Sophie House who will be lacing up their shoes and taking on the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 17 April 2016.


Dr Tom White, from the University Museum of Zoology in Cambridge said:

“Although I do not have personal experience working directly with adopted or permanently placed children, several members of my family work in a variety of professions, from doctors to social workers, and they have seen first-hand the difficulties facing adoptive parents and the effects of neglect and abuse. In fact, my wife's parents worked for PAC-UK some years ago."

“It was during a PAC-UK fundraising dinner that I was asked if I could contribute to the cause and I volunteered to put my running shoes on and take part in the Brighton Marathon. Not wanting to go it alone, I also recruited a couple of friends and together we hope to raise a significant amount for PAC-UK."Dr Tom White, PAC-UK 2016 Brighton Marathon Runner

Peter Sandiford, CEO of PAC-UK said:

We are forever grateful that people choose to dedicate their time and efforts to help raise money and enable us to support more people dealing with post-adoption challenges. We are thankful for every person that volunteers to run, ride, fall from planes or swim on PAC-UK’s behalf.”Peter Sandiford, PAC-UK CEO

You can sponsor our 2016 team on their Virgin Money Giving page. Every penny you donate will contribute towards PAC-UK's vital work with adults, children and families affected by adoption and /or other forms of permanent care. Your help will make a real difference to people struggling with the impact of a traumatic past. We really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations!

photo 4

Peter and Julie post Regent’s Park 10K in 2014!

Peter Sandiford is himself running his first half marathon on Sunday 3 April 2016, taking a step up (or many steps up!) from his annual 10k run for PAC-UK every November! He has been training alongside his wife Julie, who has been preparing for a full marathon later this month. Peter would be thrilled if you would support him by making a donation to PAC-UK's work via our Virgin Money Giving donation page.