When our London offices showed signs of a ‘mouse problem’, little did we expect how this could turn into something really positive!

Let me explain: Our Office Manager, disillusioned by the usual help offered by our local council pest controllers, decided to try something new. Doing a web search, he spotted Inoculand, a dynamic new company with a real drive to make clients happy and a total commitment to understanding and treating the pest control in a methodical, biological way. We were impressed when they solved our problem in a very short time.

We were more impressed when, a few months later, Inoculand Chief Executive Daniel Neves contacted us to say he had taken our cause to his heart and wanted to donate £1,000 from Inoculand’s profits. Adoption features in his own life story, and our work resonated strongly with him. In January we were able to purchase six new chairs for our London counselling rooms, creating a welcome sense of comfort and homeliness for our clients.

Since then Inoculand staff have supported PAC-UK sporting events and Daniel has promised a long-term partnership with increasing annual donations going forward. We are so grateful for Inoculand’s interest in and support of our work. Thank you for thinking of others and wanting to help.

Daniel says: "Many see adoption as the happy end following a long wait; in fact it is rather the start of a very complicated process of readjusting to a new reality: managing expectations from the parents and the emotional response of the child as he grows older.

Adoption Support charities such as PAC-UK play a critical part in supporting families through what could otherwise become tragic outcomes. Inoculand Ltd will continue to support wholeheartedly PAC-UK in whatever way we can so adopted children can get the best shot at life whatever circumstances they started in."

Inoculand Environmental Services cover all aspects of pest control including mouse proofing and include a 1 year guarantee!

Please visit the Inoculand website or call 020 3405 5000 for more information.

Jesus, Estefania and Kamil from Inoculand were part of PAC-UK’s 2016 Regents Park 10k Team!

Chairs purchased for our London counselling rooms - thank you Inoculand!

Inoculand Environmental Services cover all aspects of pest control including mouse proofing!