On Sunday 31 July 2016, Team PAC-UK will be competing in the Ride London-Surrey100 to raise money and awareness for PAC-UK. We’re delighted to introduce our cyclists; Frank Smith, Juho Lahdenpera and Martin Land.

Make a donation via PAC-UK's Virgin Money Giving page!You can sponsor our 2016 team on their Virgin Money Giving Page. Every penny you donate will contribute towards PAC-UK's vital work with adults, children and families affected by adoption and /or other forms of permanent care.

Your help will make a real difference to people struggling with the impact of a traumatic past. We really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations!

Martin Land, the Director of Landmark Health Consulting said:


Martin doing his best Chris Froome impression!

“As an adoptive Dad I have attended lots of PAC-UK events and have found them incredibly useful. They have helped transform the way we parent and have given us much more understanding about the impact of our daughter’s early life on her development. Most helpful of all has been the practical advice and guidance that builds on this knowledge. And as we have tried and adapted the methods, with understanding bringing greater empathy, the impact has been clear – a happier, more sociable and confident child (and happier parents as a bonus).

The events bring the warmth of meeting with others involved in adoption – parents, adopted adults and social workers – along with the stimulation, challenge and support of expert speakers. PAC-UK has helped us to better help our lovely daughter. That is why I want to support PAC-UK and really look forward to the great Ride London-Surrey 100 on 31 July. Allez, Allez!”

Frank Smith, Managing Director of PAC-UK's external Public Relations company - Context PR - said:

2014 France Cycling (8)

Frank sporting the luminous look in France!

“I have worked with adoption support agencies in a consultancy role for the last nine years and have always tried to take part in their fundraising events. For me, as well as raising a few pounds (and hopefully shedding some too) it’s a small way to physically demonstrate my support for the fantastic work that PAC-UK does in helping people affected by adoption. It’s amazing when you mention that you are doing a fundraiser for PAC-UK just how many people you talk to who have been touched by adoption directly or indirectly so I should have no shortage of moral support to help me up those hills. Roll on 31 July!”

Juho Lahdenpera, who also ran for Team PAC-UK in the Regents Park 10k , said:

Juho bike

Juho training in The New Forest!

"My wife Erika joined PAC-UK as a therapist in the London office last September and I've learned from her about the work done by PAC-UK to help families affected by adoption. I thank Erika and Sophie for recruiting me and getting me involved in this great organisation. Last October I also did a 10km run as part of the PAC-UK team and based on that I'm expecting a fun event coming up.

I'm a frequent cycling commuter and an occasional sportive rider with some distant background in triathlons. I signed up for this event as it combines for me four things: 1. Ability to raise funds for PAC-UK - a worthy cause 2. Get my road bike dusted and out of the shed after many years 3. An epic route across London and Surrey on closed roads and finally 4. The 100 miles is way beyond my current fitness so it will push me to train and keep fit for the whole year before the event!"