A series of 29 videos to help adoption professionals get up to date with adoption reforms is now available to view.

The Department for Education contracted BAAF to run free seminars to support the government's adoption reform programme. The series was split into four topic areas and was offered to registered adoption and adoption support agencies in England through regional workshops in 2013/14. As places were limited at the sessions, to assist in disseminating the information BAAF filmed one of each of the events which are now available as follows: 

Topic area 1 - The Adopter Assessment Process  Click here to watch videos

Topic area 2 - The Role of Fostering for Adoption and Concurrency in Care Planning  Click here to watch videos

Topic area 3 - Effective and Evidence Based Report Writing  Click here to watch videos

Topic area 4 - Offering an Effective Adoption Support Service  Click here to watch videos

PAC-UK was commissioned by BAAF to present 12 seminars in topic areas 2, 3 and 4. PAC-UK's head of Training Services Maggie Rogers, who presented eight seminars, said "This was a wonderful opportunity to work with BAAF colleagues. The videos are a great way to get up to speed with adoption reforms and all those who work in adoption and permanency will find something of interest in them".