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The drama triangle - Birmingham


The Drama Triangle is a type of family interaction that causes conflict and discomfort between the parents as well as between parent and child. Adopted and fostered children, who often have unprocessed trauma, can inadvertently elicit the drama triangle. Renee Marks, specialist child therapist, will explore and explain this area and will provide practical strategies to deal with high levels of conflict and discomfort in relationships. Delegates will be empowered to change the drama triangle in their families in order to enhance the quality of all the relationships. This is a MUST ATTEND training for parents and professionals wanting to deepen their understanding of how to practically support better family relationships.

This training will explore the Drama Triangle, which is a type of interaction taking place in many families, that causes extreme discomfort for some of the family members. Often it can also be very uncomfortable for other members of the family; this being due to children in foster care and/or adoption, who mostly have some unprocessed trauma and thus, are much more likely to inadvertently elicit the drama triangle in families.

This causes significant conflict between parents, as well as parent and child. The frustration is that most of the times families are unable to change this pattern when they are attending regular therapy. This training will explore these conflict areas and provide practical help to change this in order to experience more comfortable relationships in the family.

Renee will explain the drama triangle and explore how it presents itself in most family systems where a child in care or adopted children live. Renee will provide practical strategies to deal with high levels of conflict and discomfort in relationships in order to stop the drama triangle.

This training will be illustrated by clinical cases, practical exercises and visual aids.

Who should attend

Social workers and other professionals working in adoption and permanency
Adoptive parents and other permanent carers


Renee Marks has been a child therapist for the past 37 years.

Initially working with children who displayed emotional and behavioural problems in their families and/or school. In 1994 Renee started to work with traumatised children and very quickly found herself in need of more information. The journey to understand the impact that trauma has on the brain of the child, has been an exciting 18 year journey. Presently Renée is the clinical lead at Integrate Families, National Centre for Child Trauma and Dissociation in England.

Renee specialises in children with complex trauma and dissociation, living in adoptive and foster families. She provides therapy to children and families on a weekly basis as well as consultation and supervision to therapists. Renée is also an international trainer on attachment, trauma, emotional regulation and dissociation in children and adolescents.

Benefits of attending

This training will enable the attendees to:

  • Identify the drama triangle in their family system
  • Identify the role of the child and how the child might subconsciously set these problems up.
  • Identify their own role in this system.
  • Empower participants to change the drama triangle in their families in order to enhance the quality of all the relationships in their families.

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BVSC Birmingham Voluntary Service Council
BVSC Birmingham Voluntary Service Council
138 Digbeth
B5 6DR
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Date: May 21, 2020

Start Time: 10:00 am
End Time: 4:30 pm

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