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Life story work with troubled children and teenagers - Leeds


Life story work professionalsTherapeutic Life Story Work is deep reflective work with children and young people to enable them to accept who they are and move forward.  In this training for professionals, Professor Richard Rose, world leading expert on Life Story work, will offer his expertise and experience on helping children understand past events and the effect that people in their lives have had on their self-image, self-esteem and sense of self.  Richard will explain how to create life story books, interpret opportunities during the process and confront trauma and difficult behaviour.  All these skills are valuable to aid the recovery of a child from abuse, trauma and neglect.  This is a MUST ATTEND training for all professionals working with troubled children and teenagers.

Life Story Work offers deep reflective work with a child (and their carers) so as to develop a coherent and accurate story of their lives and the lives of people closest to them. This is key for their understanding and acceptance of who they are and acknowledge and move forward from their past experiences.

Life Story Work is also about assimilating past events and the effect that significant people in their lives have had on their self-image, self-esteem, sense of self and common self-states. This effective intervention helps children and young people recover from abuse, trauma or neglect and make sense of a disrupted upbringing in multiple homes or families.

Through the therapeutic story work, children and young people often reflect in the most moving and profound ways on what has happened to them and what is happening to them. As a result, they develop a far better sense of who they are, their history and how they want to live their lives. They go on to ‘make it’ emotionally, socially and academically.

The intervention involves techniques such as family trees, wallpaper work, and eco- and geno-scaling. It covers the concepts of attachment, loss, magical thinking, identity and meaning.

Who should attend

Social workers and other professionals working in adoption and permanency


Richard Rose, Director of Child Trauma Intervention Services Ltd, undertakes consultancy and training on Therapeutic Life Story Work and works with 'hard to reach' children and adolescents. He develops academic training programmes in the UK and internationally. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Social Work and Social Policy at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia and is also a Fellow of the Berry Street Childhood Institute, a part of Berry Street, Australia. Richard works with children and their carers in out-of-home and family based placements to assist understanding and attachment with the aim of enabling placements to become healthy and nurturing for all involved. Author: The Child’s Own Story - Life Story Work with Traumatised Children (2004) and Life Story Therapy (2012). Richard delivers three Diploma courses in the UK and Australia and is currently working on 2 more books for 2017 to further support children, young people and their carers

Benefits of attending

  • Understand the value of comprehensive Life Story Work
  • Understand the value and various models of information collation
  • Communication skills with children and working with their emotions
  • Know how to interpret and make best use of opportunities in the process
  • Improve your skills in working directly with children
  • Address sensitive and painful issues of trauma and loss and turn these to acceptance
  • Confront trauma and the external, sometimes difficult behaviour which is often an inhibitor for the child
  • Create Life Story books which are useful, valuable and represent the child’s own story

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Non-subscribing LAs -  Professionals: £166.50 (£199.80 incl VAT)

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