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Sensory processing and attachment intervention for neglected and abused children - London


Children who have been abused and neglected have often missed out on all sorts of movement experiences. For example, small children may have spent long hours strapped in a buggy or left without food and stimulation. While this might seem unimportant relative to other things they have experienced, it can leave children without a foundation to develop social and emotional skills. Children who have experienced abuse and neglect are often more ‘dysregulated’ than their peers. This workshop for parents and professionals, with Karen Hazard, a Specialist Occupational Therapist and Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner will provide an understanding of how to help children address some of their neurodevelopmental gaps.  Karen will explain how the senses can impact on behaviour and give practical strategies that can that be used at home and school to help children tune into how they feel physically which in turn supports emotional health.

Children who have suffered abuse, severe neglect and/ or negative experiences in the womb and in early childhood can impact on one's capacity to cope with stress throughout life. This can leave the child in a constant state of hyper vigilance. This impacts on their ability to filter out "irrelevant" sensory experiences such as background sights and sounds. There is a tendency for the child to be sensory defensive. For example, they may register tactile (touch) input as uncomfortable or painful.

Sensory Processing, combined with Attachment Theory recognises the need to target the areas of the brain that are the source of the dysfunction. Understanding the child’s sensory processing, and how to meet their sensory needs through sensory regulating strategies can help the child dampen down the hyper vigilant state, and in turn this enables higher level sensory, emotional and cognitive functioning.

Who should attend

Adoptive parents and other permanent carers
Social workers and other professionals working in adoption and permanency


Karen Hazard is a Specialist Occupational Therapist and Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner who has worked with children, young people and families in health, social care and private practice over the last 14 years. Karen currently works as an Independent Practitioner and her primary role is providing sensory processing assessments and treatment for children with backgrounds of trauma, abuse and neglect.

Benefits of attending

  • Develop an understanding of Sensory Processing/ Sensory Integration and Sensory Attachment Intervention and the impact of this on the brain
  • Gain and understading of the senses and how these can impact on a child’s behaviour
  • Develop a range of regulating strategies that can be used at home and school

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