PAC-UK e-Learning Terms and Conditions

The e-Learning licence/s you are purchasing are valid for 6 months only, after which point your e-Learning access will be revoked.

The purchase price is inclusive of VAT @20%. We reserve the right to change/amend cost at any time.

For group licences we do not accept part payment and codes cannot be issued separately/staggered therefore please carefully select the number of licences you wish to purchase.

Once you have made payment you will receive a unique coupon/access code and the information you need to setup your e-Learning access account/s. Your unique coupon/access code is only valid for the number of licences you have purchased.

You are strongly advised to register your e-Learning access account/s within 2 weeks of making payment. If any e-Learning access accounts are not registered within 2 weeks you may require a new unique coupon/access code.

You can obtain a new coupon/access code for Education e-Learning by emailing You can obtain a new coupon/access code for Enhancing Adoptive Parenting and Raising Kinship Care e-Learning by emailing We will ask you security questions to verify your order. If you are unable to answer these questions correctly we will contact the lead booker to verify your request. Until verification has been received you will not be able to access e-Learning content.

Once you have made payment (via our online payment form) or had your order processed (via our online booking form) you are issued with your unique coupon/access codes – at this point your booking is final and full charges are applicable.

If you have made an error on your booking/payment form or wish to cancel please email for Education e-Learning or for Enhancing Adoptive Parenting and Raising Kinship Care e-Learning as soon as possible so this can be rectified. If you have already activated your licence and accessed e-Learning content then you shall have no right to cancel your order.

All e-Learning content is the property of PAC-UK. Filming, taking pictures, screenshots and all other means of recording and distributing e-Learning content without the explicit permission of PAC-UK is strictly prohibited and may result in your licences being revoked and/or legal action.