PAC-UK Online Video Resource Booking Form - Invoice & Purchase Order Payments Only

Please include as much detail as possible on the booking form below to avoid delays. All information processed in relation to your booking adheres to PAC-UK's Privacy Policy.

This booking form should be used to purchase our online video resource of 10 short sessions which cover the core content of our Enhancing Adoptive Parenting (EAP) and Raising Kinship Care (RKC) parenting programmes, and further support their delivery.

IMPORTANT: Only complete this booking form if you are a social worker or professional purchasing access for individual prospective adopters/special guardians, or group trainings, the price for each license is £99 (plus VAT).

If you are a parent or carer, and are able to make an online payment click here now to purchase your license for the discounted price of £50 (plus VAT). Once payment is made, you will receive instant access to the information you need to access EAP & RKC online video resource content.

Fields highlighted with a red * symbol are mandatory and must be completed in order for you to submit the form. At the bottom of the form there is a verification code you must enter before pressing submit (this is an anti-spam measure). The verification code can be any two digits of your choice, for example 12.

Once you have pressed submit, your form will automatically be sent to PAC-UK's Operations Manager, Leon Elias who will process your booking at the earliest opportunity. A notification message will appear on your screen confirming your form has been received.

Once your booking has been processed, you will be sent an email with all the information you need to access EAP & RKC online video resource content.

If you have any questions or need to make any changes to your booking form after it has been submitted, please contact Leon via email or phone 020 7284 0555.

PAC-UK Online Video Resource Booking Form


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