Commissioned Training

PAC-UK is able to send trainers throughout the UK to provide training. This page lists topics from our main programme on which training can be delivered in a location of your choice. In addition, PAC-UK is able to offer bespoke training locally. PAC-UK's trainers are often able to travel to present workshops and seminars locally. In this way, some of the courses from PAC-UK's annual training programme can be replicated in your area.

Examples of courses for professionals

  • PageLines- home-slider4.jpgAddressing and assessing attachment, loss and trauma in prospective adopters
  • Enhancing adoptive parenting
  • Life story books: how to make them and use them
  • The adopted child in school
  • Working with birth mothers

For full list of courses available to professionals, click here.

Examples of courses for adoption support workers who work with adopted adults and birth relatives of adopted adults

  • Birth records counselling and access to information for adopted adults
  • Working with birth relatives who wish to use intermediary services
  • Providing intermediary services for adopted adults
  • Dealing with complex issues
  • A matter of life and death

Examples of courses for parents

  • Caring for a child who has been sexually abused
  • Managing sibling rivalry
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Supporting black and minority ethnic adopted children: attachment and race
  • Talking to children about adoption

For full list of courses available to parents, click here.

Examples of workshops designed specifically to meet the needs of adopted adults, birth relatives and adoptive parents

  • Wanting to know . . or not? The dilemmas of older adopted teenagers, young adopted adults and adopters
  • Just setting out? Or re-joining the main carriageway? . . . the search and reunion journey
  • Preparing for reunion for adopted adults and birth relatives
  • Wearing my shoes and trying on other people’s – understanding different perspectives on adoption, search and reunion
  • So that’s the fantasy gone: beyond reunion

Commissioned training fees 2016-17

All fees listed below exclude costs of venue hire, catering, trainer’s travel costs and accommodation, photocopying and any training materials/equipment rental required for the course.

Duration and
number of trainers
Commissioned training
fees (excl. VAT)
Commissioned bespoke
training f
ees (excl. VAT)
Full day – one trainer £798 £1,269
Full day – two trainers £1,346 £1,729
Half day – one trainer £557 £825
Half day – two trainers £941 £1,214

Download our commissioned training fees rate-card.

PAC-UK & Adoption UK commissioned training

PAC-UK, the country’s biggest independent adoption support agency, has embarked on a joint venture with Adoption UK, the country’s most influential adoption support charity, in a bid to provide a more comprehensive and cohesive level of support to everyone in the adoption community.

The venture gives both organisations a chance to benefit from a complementary range of skills, resources, and interests.

As part of this development, the following PAC-UK & Adoption UK commissioned trainings are available for spot purchase and can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund in England:

Parenting Our Teens

Parenting our Teens is a unique four day training programme for parents of adopted teenagers run by PAC-UK working with Adoption UK.

Parenting our Teens is peer-led and will help parents and carers of teenagers gain an understanding of their teenagers needs, learn strategies to help their teenager and themselves, and get some valuable peer support.

It is research-based and was developed in response to requests from adoption support teams who have identified a need for a teen-focussed programme for their local adoptive parents.

Download the Parenting Our Teens flyer for detailed course information.

To find out about pricing or for further information:

Phone: Corrina Jacob on 01926 852877 or

An adoptive parent who attended this training says: “After 14 years as an adoptive parent, this is the first time I have attended any course where somebody spoke from experience.”

Parenting Our Children

Parenting our Children is Adoption UK’s cutting edge, therapeutic parenting programme now being delivered by PAC-UK. It can be run locally in partnership with a local authority or voluntary agency.

It is a research-based, six-day programme of support, for up to 16 parents, to gain an understanding of their adopted children’s needs, particularly developmental trauma, and to receive valuable peer support.

Parenting our Children has been fully revised and brought up to date in conjunction with Family Futures and includes the latest neuroscience and current parenting techniques.*

Download the Parenting Our Children flyer for detailed course information.

To find out about pricing or for further information:

Phone: Corrina Jacob on 01926 852877 or

Bryan Post, US parenting expert says: ‘Finally, a post-adoption course that will work!’

Bryan Post, US parenting expert says: "Finally, a post-adoption course that will work!"

*Parenting our Children has been developed from ‘It’s a Piece of Cake’, which was reviewed and updated by Family Futures in 2014.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Please contact the training department at or phone 020 7284 5872 and speak to Birte Leimkuehler, PAC-UK's Training Administrator who will help with your enquiry.