Education Service

Children and young people who have experienced early life trauma can experience a range of challenges in school. PAC-UK's Education Service offers a range of services to enable schools, parents and guardians and education and social care professionals to meet the needs of permanently placed children.

Working Together to Support Adoptive Families in Schools

The Department for Education is increasingly recognising the long term impact of trauma and loss for children who live in adoptive or special guardianship families.  As part of their investment in supporting adoptive families, the DfE has awarded a grant to PAC-UK and Adoption UK to develop and implement strategies to improve the adoptive family’s school experience and therefore increase their academic and personal success.

In an attempt to combat this, the DfE has awarded PAC-UK and Adoption UK a grant to develop strategies and implement actions to have received from the Department of Education. The funding is specifically for London and the Tees Valley and we would love to work with you on this.

Free Training for Schools

As part of this project, we can deliver FREE training to schools within London and Tees Valley, until March 2018.

This DfE funded project training aims to:

  • Develop staffs understanding of the effects of early trauma, loss and attachment difficulties
  • Provide evidence-informed practical strategies to support and include children

View our DfE Project Training Flyer for more information.

Who will the project aim to help?
  • Adopters
  • Initial Teachers & Early Years / CPD
  • Virtual Schools
  • Local Authorities

To find out more about the project and how it can help you, view the DfE Project Flyer or contact Noelle Adames (working days Mon - Weds) on 0207 284 0555 or

Education Advice Line

Our Education Advice Line is open each Wednesday and Thursday during school term times between 10am and 12pm. Staffed by our Education Advisers, this is an opportunity for adoptive parents, special guardians, school staff and social workers to talk through any school or educational concerns regarding adopted or special guardianship children, and receive advice and support. The telephone number is 0207 284 5879. You can view our advice line flyer here. You can also access support and advice by emailing

Training & Consultations for Schools

Counsellor 2Schools can buy in sessions lasting between 1.5 hours and 3 hours. Our training helps staff to understand trauma, loss and attachment, and provides practical evidence-informed strategies to support children. Schools that have received training can buy in consultations which focus on specific children. These child-focused consultations support the team around the child to understand the child’s strengths and difficulties in light of their early life experiences, and to agree to a support plan based on evidence-informed interventions. We also offer systemic consultations to schools, to develop whole-school good practice and policies. For further enquiries about our services for schools please contact Lisa O'Callaghan

Commissioned training days

We offer a range of training days which are commissioned by adoption services and virtual schools for adoptive parents, special guardians, school staff and education and social care professionals. Current training days include:

  • The adopted child in school: Understanding and meeting children’s educational needs
  • All change: Supporting adopted and permanently placed children with transitions
  • Spending it wisely: Effective use of the Pupil Premium Plus
  • Becoming adoption friendly schools: Support on the journey
  • Developing children’s executive functioning skills

To commission a training day or enquire about a bespoke training day, please complete the Commissioned Training Booking Form and email to

Educational Psychology Service

dreamstime_10476410We have an Educational Psychology Service specialising in supporting children who have experienced trauma and loss. The service can be commissioned by schools and local authorities to provide assessments, consultations, training and research. The service cannot currently by commissioned directly by parents or guardians, except in exceptional circumstances. We also work jointly with our Child & Family Services in London and Leeds to provide educational assessments and consultations as part of our packages of therapeutic support for families.

Our Educational Psychology Contract outlines the kind of work we undertake. Our Educational Psychology Referral Form and consent form will also need to be completed and returned to Emma. For enquiries about our Educational Psychology Service, please contact

Intensive casework

If you are a school or local authority that would like to commission intensive casework, please contact If you are a parent or guardian, please use our education advice line (Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am - 12pm term time only), or email

Therapeutic Support in Schools

From September 2016 our Education & Wellbeing Workers will be able to offer therapeutic support in schools. These include:

  • Transition groups for pupils
  • Mindfulness groups for pupils and staff
  • Friendship groups and interventions
  • Theraplay groups for children, parents and carers
  • Reflective practice groups for staff
  • Clinical supervision for individual staff including headteachers
  • Individual and systemic therapeutic work for young people where appropriate

Please contact to discuss these services.

Support for specific Local Authorities

Adoption North LondonAdoption North London Consortium: We are contracted to offer educational support and advice for adoptive and special guardianship families whose adoption support is provided by Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey and Islington. Parents and guardians can attend education-focused support groups across North London boroughs. They can also book hour-long face to face consultations with a member of the Education Service. Alternatively we can arrange telephone consultations. To book a consultation, please telephone the advice line on 0207 284 5879 or email us at

Southwark: We are contracted to offer educational support for families whose adoption support is provided by Southwark. Adoptive and special guardianship families in Southwark can access educational psychology support from PAC-UK and local authority staff and schools can access training. PAC-UK education staff also attend Southwark’s adoptive parent and special guardian support groups three times each year to provide training, advice and support on educational issues. For enquiries about access PAC-UK’s support for Southwark families, please contact

Adoption Friendly Schools Book and Toolkit

iStock_000001622838LargePAC-UK has been funded by the Department for Education to develop a package of support to help schools become more adoption friendly. Our Research Assistant has gathered 400 online responses from adoptive parents, special guardians, school staff, education and social care professionals about what makes a school adoption friendly. We conducted focus groups and telephone interviews to gather a wide range of views. We are now finalising our guide and toolkit, available from May 2017. For enquiries about our adoption friendly schools work, please contact

Yorkshire & Humber Education Project

The Yorkshire and Humber Education Project was a Department for Education funded collaboration between PAC-UK and the Yorkshire & Humber Adoption Consortium. Taking place between April 2015 and July 2016, the project aimed to support families and develop capacities of schools and local authorities to better meet the educational needs of adopted and other permanently placed children.

In May 2016 a celebration event was held to acknowledge the project's achievements and share the goof practice which had been developed. With over 25 speakers, it provided an opportunity to hear about the positive impact of the changes that schools have made during the course of the year.

Read the full press release, including a pre-recorded video message of support from The Minister for Children and Families, Edward Timpson, on the PAC-UK website here.

PAC-UK & Adoption UK Teaching Staff Training: Life in the Classroom

PAC-UK, the country’s biggest independent adoption support agency, has embarked on a joint venture with Adoption UK, the country’s most influential adoption support charity, in a bid to provide a more comprehensive and cohesive level of support to everyone in the adoption community.

The venture gives both organisations a chance to benefit from a complementary range of skills, resources, and interests.

As part of this development Adoption UK schools trainings, delivered by PAC-UK, are available for spot purchase. Visit the Adoption UK website for more information.

Education Resources

We have developed a range of resources to support families, schools and local authorities in meeting the educational needs of adopted and special guardianship children.

View our NEW Education Resources page here.