Previous Training offered by PAC-UK

DateTitleTrainer / Speaker
27 September 2016Pupil Premium PlusRuth Appleby Alis and Dorothy Johnson
14 May 2016Group Theraplay trainingThe Theraplay Institute
10-13 May 20164 day Theraplay LeedsThe Theraplay Institute
27 April 2016First family 2016 NFMike Hancock
10 February 20161 day NVR for professionals v2Michelle Shapiro
20+21 October 2016EAP TrainingChris Christophides
7 July 2015Disruption - current thinkingHedi Argent
22 June 2015Landmark changes in adoption lawPrity Patel
30 April 2015Attachment and adolescentsLynne Davis
10 February 2015Working with birth mothersSarah Hart and Rita Cleary
27 January 2015Working with attachment issues in adultsFranca Brenninkmeyer
2 October 2014Exploring permanencyVarious trainers
7 July 2014Trauma and the body professionalRoz Read
25 April 2014Managing transitionsKate Kirk
1 April 2014The adopted child in schoolRuth Pimenta
16 September 2013Addressing and assessing attachment, loss and trauma issues in prospective adoptersFranca Brenninkmeyer
24 May 2013Developmental trauma disorderFranca Brenninkmeyer
4 & 5 March 2013Facilitating contact for children in careLouis Sydney
5 February 2013Parenting large sibling groupsLouis Sydney
11 October 2012Understanding the psychological effects of traumaDr Felicity de Zulueta
1 October 2012
Evidence-based practice in adoptionProf Alan Rushton
11 July 2012Parenting children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) in adoption and fosteringMary Carden
24 May 2012 Building family bonds by facilitating family and friends network meetingsLouis Sydney

DateTitleTrainer / Speaker
26 January 2016The adopted child in school (for parents) 2015Emma Gore Langton and
Mel Manners
22 January 2016Sexually abused child 4 - 12Sue Dromey
23 November 2015Managing sibling rivalry v3Louis Sydney
19 May 2015Transition from primary to secondary schoolEmma Gore Langton
23 February 2015Meeting the challenge of adopting sibling groupsLouis Sydney
28 November 2014Transracial identitiesNick Banks
11 November 2014The challenges of adding a sibling to the familyFranca Brenninkmeyer
16 May 2014Managing transitionsKira Storbeck
8 February 2014The different parts of meAnthea Benjamin
23 January 2014Managing difficult behavioursCarol Platteuw
23 October 2013Life story workMary Carden
17 June 2013Trauma and the body: how to support yourself with Somatic ExperiencingRoz Read
13 March 2013Building self-esteem and confidenceMary Corrigan
8 February 2013Living with contactSally Sales
22 January 2013Wishing to adoptFranca Brenninkmeyer
22 January 2013Parenting large sibling groupsLouis Sydney
6 December 2012How to have a Christmas that is 'fest-ful'
rather than stressful
Roz Read
28 November 2012My child is explosive ... and this works!Franca Brenninkmeyer
15 November 2012Parents under pressureRoz Read
30 October 2012One of the familyHedi Argent
25 June 2012Trauma and adaptive behaviourRachel Staff
9 May 2012Telling difficult storiesMary Corrigan
18 April 2012Body talk! The impact of hyped up or hard to reach children on our bodies and nervous systemsLouis Sydney

DateTitleTrainer / Speaker
15 June 2016Unofficial guide to adoptive parenting v2 NFSally Donovan
15 June 2016Bruised from BirthSusan Fleisher
25 May 2016Let's take it from the top 2016Sarah Lloyd
9 May 2016Introduction to Theraplay LeedsThe Theraplay Institute
28 April 2016Living with a child that self harmsLiz Blakey
23 April 2016Brain Based Parenting v6Dan Hughes and John Baylin
10 March 2016Dissociation in Children and AdolescentsRenee Marks
5 October 2015Why can't my child behaveAmber Elliott
27 April 2015The impact of abuse and neglect on the brain Margot Sunderland
26 March 2015Traversing the turbulent teensHolly van Gulden and Anthea Hendry
20 June 2015Helping your clingy childThe Theraplay Institute
20 June 2014Are you tired of timeoutsThe Theraplay Institute
16 May 2014Managing transitionsKira Storbeck
11 November 2013The nurtured heart approachAlastair Gardiner
3 October 2013Self regulation and co-regulationEadaoin Bhreathnach
8 July 2013Complex trauma and the bodyLiz Hall
13 June 2013Rhythm and Resonance: safe connections within trauma-based attachmentsJoy Hasler
1 May 2013Trauma triggered behaviour in looked after and adopted childrenHelen Oakwater
13 February 2013Secondary traumaKate Cairns
23 and 24 October 2012New directions in sensorimotor treatmentLiz Hall
12 July 2012Why is this child so different? Dissociation
in children and adolescents
Renee Marks

DateTitleTrainer / Speaker
21 March 2015So that's the fantasy gone: Beyond reunionVanessa Moon
30 November 2013Wearing my shoes and trying on other people'sJean Milsted and
Jan Shine
23 November 2013Commitment, rejection, love and lossVanessa Moon
12 October 2013Wanting to know ... or not?Vanessa Moon
9 February 2013Clean and C.R.A.F.T.Y. connections Michael Mallows