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Child to Parent Violence Project (CPV) Non Violent Resistance (NVR) – 8 Week Group Sessions for Adoptive Parents of Children and Young People presenting Challenging, Destructive and Violent Behaviour


The 8 week group sessions will take place from 10am to 1pm on Monday mornings at Wood Green Library, N22 6XD on the following dates:

September 18 & 25
October 2, 9, 16 & 30
November 6 & 13

The groups include some telephone sessions over the weeks listed above and will be followed by a monthly ‘Follow-on Support Group’ for Parent Graduates for 6 months.

To get the most benefit you should attend each week and together if you are a two-parent family. If this is too difficult you could book one place (in one name) and share it.

Who should attend

Adoptive parents

Participants will learn to:

- Take a firm stance against violence
- Hold back from physical or verbal violence
- Increase positive presence in your child’s life
- De-escalate conflicts
- Break the cycle of shame and silence
- Make changes in relating to your child in the long term
- Reduce distress for parent and child
- Feel more in control
- Recruit and use supporters
- Enjoy the benefits of being part of a group

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Trainers and NVR Parent Graduates

Michelle Shapiro is a UK - HCPC (Health Care Professional Council) Chartered Clinical Psychologist; she was initially trained by Prof. Haim Omer in his first and only training in the UK in 2005. Michelle has been involved with the growth of NVR within Oxleas Foundational Trust, working with single families and multi-family groups. This work has been consistently well received by parents and professionals and is gaining an increasing evidence base for effectiveness. She was also involved in the Oxleas Professional 4 day training and subsequently in the delivery of the Partnership projects 4 day foundational training. Michelle has a commitment to keeping the NVR principles ‘Simple’ and usable for both professionals and service users; whilst still having a solid theoretical underpinning for all the aspects of NVR taught. NVR is ‘easy to understand, but incredibly difficult to do’ (quote from a parent). Since 2013 Michelle has been an independent practitioner, specialising in NVR and trauma work. She works in partnership with PAC-UK.

Ruth Appleby Alis is a UKCP (United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy) registered Integrative Child Psychotherapist (MA). She has worked therapeutically with children and their families for over 10 years. Before joining the child and family team she worked as an education advisor for PAC-UK where she delivered trainings and consultations for schools, helping them to understand and support the needs of adoptive families. She completed the NVR training with Michelle Shapiro and has also run education focussed parent support groups. She is a qualified yoga teacher specialising in yoga for special needs, PTSD and family yoga.

Introducing our NVR Parent Graduates Tamsin and David - the groups have found it invaluable to have with them, parents who have 'been there and got the t-shirt.'

Tamsin first came to NVR in February 2016, through having been on an introduction course through the North London Consortium. She attended a PAC-UK 10 week course as a parent in April 2016, and again as a parent graduate in two subsequent courses, having completed the 3 day Foundation Training in NVR. She is an active member of a Thursday morning NVR support group (meeting once a month) and also a parent mentor for two WhatsApp support groups. Having come to NVR as a source of last resort whilst waiting for therapy, her family have been profoundly impacted for good by implementing NVR. Tamsin works as a vicar in North London, and so is fortunate too to have a venue for the North London monthly NVR support group to meet.

David became a parent through adoption, 10 years ago, together with his husband Javier. They have an adolescent with complex difficulties. Having attended many courses over the years, the 10 week NVR group in 2016/2017 has been the one that has made the most significant difference to the way the couple parent. David went on to attend the Foundation Level Training earlier this year. He joins us now to support a new group and share how the principles of NVR can be embraced so that it makes a difference to the family as a whole. David runs his own video production company from home.

Price excluding VAT

£1,100.00 per person.

Payment via the Adoption Support Fund (ASF)

Adoptive parents can register online now and then urgently need to approach their LA to apply for ASF funding. Please include social worker /post adoption support team contact details when completing the registration form.

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