Family Action Policies & Procedures and Family Action e-Learning Training

Family Action Policies & Procedures are reviewed and updated annually. Family Action e-Learning training is compulsory. If you have any questions regarding this training please discuss directly with your Line Manager.

Family Action Policies & Procedures

Please be aware that as from Monday 4 February 2019 we are formally adopting  Family Action Policies & Procedures. These are available to view on the Family Action intranet front page via your Family Action Remote Desktop login.

In the main they are available to refer to as and when needed but there are also a few key policies that you will need to familiarise yourselves with – and you will be expected to complete an e-Learning module in relation to these.

You will shortly receive further information on how to enrol on these short courses from Catherine Hodgeon, Family Action Learning and Development Coordinator. It will include for example:

  • Safeguarding children
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • Health and safety
  • Equality and diversity
  • Data protection

Please also be aware that the Family Action safeguarding policies are under review and may shortly be revised to incorporate elements of our existing PAC-UK policy. Therefore, in the meantime, whilst familiarising yourselves with the Family Action policy, please continue to use our existing safeguarding procedures until such time as we notify you of any further changes.

We will shortly be adding to the Family Action suite of policies one that covers our existing adoption support policies and procedures. Therefore please continue all apply our below current service focused procedures and practice.

PAC-UK Advice Line Adult Counselling Telephone Counselling and Outreach Service Policy* 
PAC-UK Advice Line Adult Counselling Telephone Counselling and Outreach Service Procedures*

PAC-UK Birth Records and Access to Information Policy and Procedure*

PAC-UK Charging Policy and Procedures*

PAC-UK Child and Family Service Policy*

PAC-UK Child and Family Service Procedure*

PAC-UK Intermediary Services Policy*
PAC-UK Intermediary Services Procedure*
PAC-UK Postbox Service Policy and Procedures*

PAC-UK Provision of Service Policy and Procedures*

PAC-UK Records Policy and Procedures*

PAC-UK Safeguarding and Promoting Welfare Policy and Procedures

PAC-UK Service Delivery Policy and Procedures*

PAC-UK Statement of Purpose
PAC-UK Telephone Answering-Greeting Clients Procedure

PAC-UK Training Policy - External*

PAC-UK Training Procedures - External*

PAC-UK User Focused Service Provision Policy and Procedures*

* Currently being reviewed and updated