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Welcome to PAC-UK’s e-learning programme.

While the training focuses on the often forgotten needs of adopted children, you’ll find the information helpful with all groups of vulnerable learners. Each module will take you about 30-45 minutes. You can work through them at your own pace, and save your place. You’ll hear from our highly regarded trainers, and see visuals designed to help you remember key information. You’ll take quizzes to consolidate your learning. Once you have passed the final test, a CPD certificate will be generated.

Module 1 Video

Understanding attachment, trauma and loss

This module introduces attachment, trauma and loss, and explains the needs of adopted children around these fundamental areas. You’ll also hear from an adoptive parent and a teacher, who explain the enduring impact of children’s early experiences on their development in the classroom and the playground.

Module 2 Video

Creating adoption friendly classrooms and playgrounds

This module provides strategies to make your classrooms and playgrounds adoption friendly. It’s packed with practical examples of how to support children with each area of their development.

Module 3 Video

Becoming an adoption-friendly school

This module provides ideas about how to make your whole-school systems more suitable for adopted pupils. We introduce our Adoption Friendly Schools Charter, giving an overview of each area and some key steps for getting started.