Adopted Teens Identity Project (AT-iD)

AT-iD, a project set up by One Adoption for Yorkshire & Humber and delivered by PAC-UK, was created to provide adopted teens aged between 11 and 18 with a community that offers information and an insight into the experiences of adopted teenagers. The project aims to give a voice to adopted teenagers by providing them with a safe and secure way to discuss problems and issues with their peers or project workers.

What is the AT-iD Project?

There are four main parts to the service:

  • Online Chat Forum – A safe online space where adoptees can talk, share, rant, giggle and support each other. Members can also ask questions or seek support from our project workers via the chat forum.
  • Activity days are an opportunity to make new friends and make new memories. They are held 4 x times a year and you get to have a say in what we do.
  • Rant LineOur rant line is available for members to ask questions about adoption or seek some advice via call or text ! – (Number given on becoming a member)
  • Youth CouncilFor those who are looking to get more involved and make a difference in adoption, members aged 13+ can join our ‘Youth council panel’ and attend workshops with the aim of using views and experiences to help professionals and policy makers.

Who is the service for?

Anyone who is:

  • Adopted
  • Aged between 11 -18
  • Lives anywhere within Yorkshire or Humber
  • Has access to the internet either on their phone or computer

Who runs it?

AT-iD has two project workers (Gaiena and Sara) who know and understand adoption. The project is also supported by people who work within One Adoption for Yorkshire and Humber.

The project workers are here to help create an on line community, organise activity days as suggested by you and work with the youth council to get the voice of young adopted people heard. Most recently we have made a short 20 minute film ‘Voices’ which is feature our Youth council talking about their experiences and feelings on adoption.

two-figsThe project workers also run the ‘rant line’ and are here to listen to you, help you let off steam and may be able to offer you advice... that’s if you want it! They will not judge you, tell you off, or share your information with your parents, social worker or anyone else unless there is a serious danger to yourself or someone else. They would always tell you who they would be sharing the information with and try and work out a way of doing so that you would be most happy with.

What are the benefits?

Becoming a member of AT-iD means you can:

  • Meet other adoptee’s and make new friends
  • Talk to other people who are adopted and understand adoption
  • Take part in various activities, do something new and challenging and all for free!
  • Get your voice heard by becoming a member of our Youth Council. Get paid for your time, gain new skills and be part of something that matters to you

How can I become an AT-iD member and find out more?

AT-iD is simply trying to do something that is aimed directly at adopted teenagers by bringing people together and offering a space where you can connect and be yourselves

Registration is easy just follow the link below and fill out the form. Once you have clicked send a project worker will be in touch. We need to send you and your parents some information about the project and gain parental consent to use the service, we do this because we want to know people are who they say they are ,and keep the service safe, it also helps everyone understand what AT-iD is who we are. It does not mean we share everything you say with your parents.

Register now to become a member of AT-iD!

For more information, visit the AT-iD website and/or email

AT-iD Project Resources

AT-iD (and Coram's The Adoptables) - life story from teenage perspective
Thoughts, feelings and advice from adoptees on different aspects of life story.

AT-iD - Education poster for DfE
This poster lists the groups thoughts on adoption friendly schools and is due to be published by the DfE as part of a resource pack on the needs and views of adopted children.

AT-ID - Self care for teenagers
This document lists AT-iD’s top tips for self-care.

AT-iD - What frustrates us about social workers
This poster lists the groups frustrations with social workers.

AT-iD - What social workers do to help us
This poster lists the different ways social workers can help them.

The reason why I joined is because I wanted to become more confident and meet other adopted teenagers.Adopted Teen

What makes me go is the fact that you can talk to people who are around about the same age as you, who will understand what you are talking about and will be sensitive. Not because they are trained to do that, but because they have had possibly similar experiences to you.Adopted Teen

I joined AT-iD because I wanted to find more people who were adopted so I wouldn't feel alone or isolated.Adopted Teen

I like the fact that we can talk freely about things that worry us about adoption and any questions that we may have get answered with a serious point of view.Adopted Teen