Peer-to-Peer Parent Consultant Service

PAC-UK, the country’s biggest independent adoption support agency, has embarked on a joint venture with Adoption UK, the country’s most influential adoption support charity, in a bid to provide a more comprehensive and cohesive level of support to everyone in the adoption community. The venture gives both organisations a chance to benefit from a complementary range of skills, resources, and interests.

Who is the service for?

For over 10 years, Adoption UK’s Parent Consultant Service has provided support to nearly 800 families, working closely with parents who are struggling with parenting their child or teenager.

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This service is now being delivered by PAC-UK's Parent Consultants (PCs), all of whom are adoptive parents themselves, fully trained and experienced in working with families facing the challenge of parenting children with complex behaviours.

Parenting these children requires a different approach to traditional models of parenting birth children. Our PCs work with parents to help them develop and sustain a therapeutic approach to their parenting, frequently resulting in more positive outcomes for the whole family.

Our Parent Consultant Service is for any adoptive parents who are experiencing difficulties, examples include:

  • Challenging, defiant or destructive behaviour
  • Aggression, violence and controlling behaviours
  • Breakdown in communication, resulting in distance between parent and child or between parents
  • Coping with the intensity and stress that can come with parenting a traumatised child
  • Blocked care – parents who are no longer able to find a positive connection with their child

Unlike most therapeutic and support services, our Parent Consultant service is provided remotely by telephone. This allows parents to access the service at a frequency and time that fits within their often busy and challenging schedules and minimises impact on the family.

What does the service offer?

An Initial Assessment to determine the nature of the difficulties in the family and agree objectives for support.

A unit of 6 telephone support sessions with a trained and experienced Parent Consultant focusing on:

  • Listening and empathising
  • Helping parents to understand their child’s history and the impact of developmental trauma
  • Exploring alternative parenting techniques
  • Advising and signposting
  • Keeping families safe and parents looking after themselves
  • Supporting parents in getting their voice heard by professionals

What are the qualifications and experience of Parent Consultants?

Our Parent Consultants are trained in the framework of Neuro-Physiological Psychotherapy (or similar), which provides a sound theoretical basis on why therapeutic parenting is essential. In addition, we have specialist PCs who support families experiencing Child to Parent Violence and are trained in Non Violent Resistance techniques. All PCs receive regular practice supervision and support.

Equally important though is that our Parent Consultants are adoptive parents of children who have suffered developmental trauma, often due to early neglectful and abusive parenting. Parents receiving our service can feel reassured that our PCs really do understand the challenges they are facing.

What is the cost and how can I refer?

The service costs £749 for the first unit consisting of an Initial Assessment followed by 6 sessions with a parent consultant, and is eligible for funding from the Adoption Support Fund.

Continuation units are available if an agency considers the family would benefit from further support and these cost £395 for 6 sessions.

For help with making an application to the ASF for our service please contact us at

Alternatively, we work with agencies under block purchase agreements to provide for a number of families at a discounted rate. For further information and to make a referral, please contact:

What do parents say who have received our service?

“I felt that not only was I listened to and supported, but that the strategies suggested and discussed were practical and doable.” Adoptive parent

“The challenges adopting a child brings can only really truly be understood by other people who have also adopted. It was refreshing to receive help and guidance at the time from someone who, from her own personal experiences, knew exactly what we were going through which made the advice and support so much more real.” Adoptive parent

“Having something booked in with someone who ‘got it’ was a valuable thing to have in my diary. It was a glimmer of hope in those weeks that were extremely difficult that soon I would be able to off load to someone who not only understood but didn’t judge.” Adoptive parent

PAC-UK & Adoption UK commissioned training

The following PAC-UK & Adoption UK commissioned trainings are available for spot purchase and can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund in England:

Parenting Our Teens

Parenting our Teens is a unique four day training programme for parents of adopted teenagers run by PAC-UK working with Adoption UK.

Parenting our Teens is peer-led and will help parents and carers of teenagers gain an understanding of their teenagers needs, learn strategies to help their teenager and themselves, and get some valuable peer support.

It is research-based and was developed in response to requests from adoption support teams who have identified a need for a teen-focussed programme for their local adoptive parents.

Download the Parenting Our Teens flyer for detailed course information.

To find out about pricing or for further information:

Phone: Corrina Jacob on 01926 852877 or

An adoptive parent who attended this training says: “After 14 years as an adoptive parent, this is the first time I have attended any course where somebody spoke from experience.”

Parenting Our Children

Parenting our Children is Adoption UK’s cutting edge, therapeutic parenting programme now being delivered by PAC-UK. It can be run locally in partnership with a local authority or voluntary agency.

It is a research-based, six-day programme of support, for up to 16 parents, to gain an understanding of their adopted children’s needs, particularly developmental trauma, and to receive valuable peer support.

Parenting our Children has been fully revised and brought up to date in conjunction with Family Futures and includes the latest neuroscience and current parenting techniques.*

Download the Parenting Our Children flyer for detailed course information.

To find out about pricing or for further information:

Phone: Corrina Jacob on 01926 852877 or

Bryan Post, US parenting expert says: ‘Finally, a post-adoption course that will work!’

Bryan Post, US parenting expert says: "Finally, a post-adoption course that will work!"

*Parenting our Children has been developed from ‘It’s a Piece of Cake’, which was reviewed and updated by Family Futures in 2014.

Adoption UK Helpline

Adoption UK members can access the England Helpline number and details by logging in here and then accessing the Resources Area (from the tab underneath the Donate button) and choosing Helpline Members Only from the categories menu. Visit the Adoption UK website for more information on opening hours and phone numbers for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.